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Nibo, 5000M, Checkwriter
 Nibo 5000M Economic Electronic Checkwriter
12 digits printing with ink refillable.
Easy operation. 5 currency.

Paymaster, PCW-M12, Checkwriter
 Paymaster PCW-M14
Economic Electronic Checkwriter
14 digits printing with ink refillable.
Easy operation. 16 currency.
Large LCD Display
Easy install Red ink pad, AC 220v
Built-in Calculator
One step printing and correction.
Cheque printing window guide
Dimension : 245x185x120mm
Net weight : 2.3kg
Uchida EG-110N
Electronic Checkwriter
Numeric input and Chinese Output
Calculator function
1 Currency Available.

***EG-114N : 5 currencies output (HKD,JPY, USD, DEM,NT)
Japan  Uchida P15A Checkwriter
Famouse Brand checkwriter used by many established Commercial Firm and Corporation.
9 digits
(THE SUM HK$1,234,567AND89CTS)
Easy to operate by sliding quicker lever.
Used by mainly established company.
Available model :
P15A  9 digits  2C with lock
P15C 10 digits
P15D 11 digits
**International Currency Model
P15E (9 digits) 2C
 Uchida P15R
Ribbon refill for Uchida P15, P18 series
Original Ribbon.
Red colour.

 Max EC-30A Electronic Checkwriter for 10 digits
 Max EC-70 Electronic Checkwriter for 14 digits
Last Update : 2008/11/19