Welcome to the product & service pages, we've been serving HK corporation, office, factories , either big and small for many years. We are experienced in office supplies , paper products and computer supplies, well, full range. We also export to other oversea countries.  We will supply all these items at a very lowest price. Buy from us, and get your better value for money.

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You can brwose at different pages to find the things you need. You can also write us your list of inquiry together with brand name and model no. with the description in your own word. We'll understand your meaning and fax you back our price. Don't ask us for catalogue , sorry we don't have one. A catalogue needed to update all the time but cost much than updating this webpage. Furthmore, it waste too much in printing when it's not up-to-date. We'll try to list all things on the net to let you see. A quick quotation for specific item can be sent immediately to you.

Delivery service available depend on the availablity of the item you order. Some office equipment required down payment and have to order from agent. Our delivery service are excellent, Normally, allow one or two days for delivery. When your order is over $500, you can have our free delivery services. Of course you can also buy one piece of  ball pen and ask for delivery services at your cost.

Cheque or cash on delivery will be applied to all customer patronage for the first time. Office machine, Toner and Ink should be payment term of COD, some even require down payment before ordering. For stationery and paper items,  after a period of dealing, credit account from 14 days to 1 months will be offered (subjected to change according to your payment habit)
Ordering is simple, just write down the things you want to order, fax to us for order, or give us a call to for details. Of course , we'll quote you your satisfied price first, with a quotation if necessary.  We'll tell you which can deliver first and which are unavailable if unluckily we don't have one. Remember to write your company name, address, and phone number to confirm. No hard sell, you are free to order and free to cancel if not satisfied with our offer, but we'll try our best to serve you. don't be too formal with us, just use a plain paper with company address chop will do, we'll become your good friend and partner later.  Don't be afraid that we don't understand what you want to order, we are experienced in this field and will understand most, and if not, we will ask you. Try now !

Email us the items you are interested, we will discuss via email the MOQ , price and shippment schedule with you in details.