FILE 各款快勞
Product Name :Esselte PVC Box File膠面快勞
Available Size : F4 & A4
Colour : Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,
      Grey, Black, Brown, Pink, Purple,
3" and 2" thick.
Wrapped with colour PVC.
50 pcs. per cartoon.
MOQ : 50 pcs.

Product Name : Insert Binder 插圖快勞
Available Size : F4, A4, L/S (mainly in A4)
Colour : White, Red, Blue, Black (mainly in White)
 1.5"; 2" , 3" and 4" thick.
Insert page at outside for Photo or Catalogue

MOQ : 2 cartoon.
Esselte Cardboard Lever Arch File
Size : A4 & F4
Thickness : 3" & 2"
Colour : black
50 pcs. per Cartoon.

Sonneckon Super Strong Box File 新而剛牌
Available in 3" & 2" thick
Steel Shaft is extremely strong even holding many pages of documents.
25 pcs per Cartoon.
F4 Size only.

25pcs per cartoon
MOQ : 1 cartoon.
MIT Box File
Lever Arch Cardboard file
Economic  and strong.
Available in F4 2"  & 3"

24 pcs/cartoon
MOQ : 48 pcs.
A4 40 pages clear book 資料簿
Size : A4
Pages refillable.
12 pcs per box
Assorted Colour.

12pcs / box
MOQ : 10 Box.
Bantex Lever Arch File
Economic Grade
Available in 3" & 2" thick
25 pcs per Cartoon.
F4 Size only.
A4 clear book
20 pages
Red, blue, green, black, yellow colour.
12 pcs. per cartoon.
MOQ : 10 Cartoon.
Refillable Clear Book
A4 metal ring for strong holding.

20 pages clear pockets included
12 books per cartoon.

Clear Folder
A4 & F4 size,
white, red, yellow, blue, green.
MOQ : 50Doz (10 doz. per cartoon).

Plastic Envelope 膠公文袋
A4 & F4 size
MOQ : 100 pack (12 pcs per pack)

Button Plastic Envelope
A4 & F4 size
clear, red, yellow, blue, green colour.
Square pattern printed on surface.

Bone Clip Report Cover 插骨快勞
Available only in A4 size.
1 Doz (12 pcs) per bag.
MOQ : 50 Doz.

Spring Files
double & single spring available
A4 & F4 Size,
many colour.
1 doz. per cartoon.
MOQ : 50 Doz.
A4 clear cover file
lever file or spring file
strong cover
elegant look.
12 files per cartoon.
MOQ : 10 cartoons.
Report Cover
Cover is Transparent
Ready with fastener,
Available Colour : red, yellow, blue, green, grey, orange, black.
20pc per pack
MOQ : 10 Pack.
Product Name :Esselte Colour Cardboard File
Available Size : F4
Colour : Red, Yellow, Green, Blue,
 3" and 2" thick.
Wrapped with colour coating at outside.
50 pcs. per cartoon.
MOQ : 1 cartoon.

Manila Paper File (no fastener)

Available in  
A4 & F4 size

Many colour available.
Packing : 100 pcs per Pack
MOQ : 10 packs.
A4 Index
PVC or Paper
5 colour, 10 colour, A-Z, 1-12, 1-31, 1-15

High quality zipper document bags
Available in A4, B4, B5, A5 & A3 size
Soft & Longlasting.
MOQ : 50 pcs.
Esselte foldable Magazine File
Easily flattened and open to save space.
PVC Covered, easily cleaning.
Top Document insertion
Colour : red, blue, black, green, grey
Dimension :
Normal (right): 245 x 320mm & Width 73mm
Jumbo (left) :  245 x 320mm & width 105mm

MOQ : 50 pcs.
Magazine File/ Magazine Holder.
Fixed and Foldable available.

24pcs / cartoon.

MOQ : 1 cartoon.
Pendaflex Hanging File
Available in A4 & F4
Colour : Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

50 pcs/ box

AZV hanging file (as in photo)

25pcs / cartoon.
MOQ : 2 cartoon.
Computer File

for 9.5" & 15" computer paper

Packing : 12 pcs per cartoon.
MOQ : 10 cartoon.
A4 20 pocket Clear Book 透明面資料簿.
Transparent Colour Cover

Packing : 12 pcs. per box
MOQ : 10 boxes
Esselte A5 size Box File.
Suitable for filing half A4 size documents, Voucher,
Cash Receipt, Cash Memo etc..

MOQ :24 PCS.
A4 2 ring PVC Binder

1" Thick.
2 ring filing.

packing : 12 pcs per box
MOQ : 10 boxes.
Made of harder pvc material,
Available in B8, B5, A4, B4, A3 size.

Other file :
Easy Clip File
Globe brand ring binder
Punchless file
Lockspring File
A4S report cover
Tube File
A5  20 Page, 40 Page Clear Book
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Last Update : 2014/07/19