Welcome to Jumptex website. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our company that we hope makes it easier for you to do business with us. Our website have been set up for  since 2000. Thanks for so so many many inquiries and support to our site.

Jumptex has been serving Hong Kong local buyers, corporations, offices & factories since 1990. We specialized in many kinds of stationery like files, copy paper & other paper products, pens, art supplies, computer supplies,  office appliances , office printing & supplies.   

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From now on, if you need :

Paper Shredder, Binding machine, laminating machine, banknote counting machine, checkwriter, newspaper stand and holder.
Pens, files, Marker, sharpener, eraser, correction products , call us.
Copy paper, fax paper, computer paper, printer paper, paper rolls,   call us.
Copier Toner, Printer ink, Laser printer toner, Printer ribbons,  fax films, ink roll, typewriter ribbon, checkwriter ribbon, call us.
Document tray, magazine file, Account voucher, account book, call us.
Made to order chop, letter cutting, printing name card, printing stationery, envelope, call us.
It will be a very long long page if we keep on writing, anything related to the above , call us.