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影印紙常備 70, 75 及 80 克, 100克, 白紙, 色紙, 契紙, 彩印紙. 普通紙及噴墨紙俱備. 一般每箱5 包(拈) .
另有高質之 75克, 80克 雷射及噴墨用紙, 當然, 影印亦絕無問題.
110克灰藍契紙, 合樓契及律師行用. 每包 500張;
80克A4 顏色影印紙 , 每包 500張, 基本色計有粉 紅, 橙, 黃, 綠, 湖水藍, 天藍, 紫, 米, 灰, 三文魚色等, 另備粉色秀麗系列;
100克特厚影印紙, 可用於黑白及彩印用.

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Fine 70gsm A4 copy paper
Suitable whiteness, multipurpose

210mmx 297mm
5 ream per box.

Avery High Quality Ink Jet paper
Brilliant Color.
Suitable for Black & colour ink printing.
50 sheets per pad
Mr. Paper 70gsm & 75gsm A4 copy paper
Multipurpose paper,
ISO approval
210mm x 297mm  size
500 sheets per ream
5 reams per cartoon.
 Chamex 75gsm A4 copy paper
Premium Laser paper
Multipurpose paper
500 sheets per ream
ISO Approval
5 reams per cartoon.
Made in Brazil
International Paper
Reflex 80gsm A4 Copy Paper
Premium print quality for all office equipment
SCT enhanced
paper from Australia
500 sheets per ream
5 ream per cartoon.
 Double A 80gsm Copy paper
Double A copy paper
Available in A4 size,
Made in Thailand
Suitable for Photocopier, Laser Printer,
Fax machine and Ink Jet.
One of the Bestselling copy paper brand

Excellent 80gsm A4 Copy Paper
Multipurpose Paper,
High White quality
500 sheet per ream
5 reams per cartoon.
A4 110gsm Azure Laid Deed Paper.
Suitable for printing and Photocopying.
For use in preparing deed and contract.
500 sheets per reams

Available colour : pink, orange, yellow, green, blue
purple, grey, salmon, beige.
500 sheets per ream
5 reams per cartoon.
suitable for ink, laser, copier printing.
 Fax Paper
210mm & 216mm width
size : A4 30; A4 50; A4 100
Thermal paper
sensitive quality.
A4 30  : 12 rolls per cartoon
A4 50  : 12 rolls per cartoon
A4 100 : 6 rolls per cartoon.
 Computer continue form
9.5" x 11"   and 15" x 11" available
1 ply plain form, 2 ply NCR form; 3 ply NCR form
1 ply 2000 form per cartoon
2 ply 1000 form per cartoon
3 ply 500 form per cartoon.
4 ply 500 form per cartoon.
Navigator 80gsm A4 copy paper
Excellent Quality
Available in A4 and A3
Product of Protugal
5 ream per cartoon.

(Also available in 100gsm)
 Conqueror 100gsm A4 High Quality Paper
Excellent in Ink & Toner Printing,
watermark paper,
Excellent for Letterhead printing.

 Tracing Paper
30" 18.3M 70/75GSM                                       
42" 18.3M 20 YD 70/75GSM                           
70GSM A4  50 sheets                                     
70/75GSM 594X420MM A2 50 shts.               
UTOPLEX 297X420MM A3 50 sheets 70/75G
80/85GSM A2 20 sheets                                 
110/115G A3 20 Sheets                   

Available also A1, A2 and roll form.               
Calculator Paper Rolls
Cash register paper roll

1 ply or 2 ply available.

1.75" ; 2.25" paper width available.
Other paper products :
Ink jet paper, glossy paper,A4 size (100 sheets per pad)
Conqueror A4 100GSM High quality paper?(100 sheets per pad)
A4 100GSM parchment paper (100 sheets per pad)
A4 Inkjet backprint film
80gsm, 100gsm Wan Choi Paper, Leather pattern paper etc.
Other thicker A4 card from 150gsm to 220 gsm.
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