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Welcome to the Jumptex paper products information page. We offer a variety of paper supplies that represent the very best in paper business for most companies. Export are welcomed.
Because we select only the highest caliber paper products. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Below is a short list of the paper products available :

Some of the items listed below are currently available and can be delivered promptly locally to your location. There will be delivery charges applied.

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More Information
Copy Paper
Normal copy paper available in 70g, 75g, 80g, . A4, F4, A3, B4 size. (ream)
High quality 75g, 80g.  A4, A3 size, for ink jet, laser, and copying (ream).
110gsm A4 ledger paper (for preparing deed) (reams)
80gsm A4 colour copy paper (reams)
100 GSM A4 and A3 paper for High speed colour copying machine (ream)
**one ream contain 500 sheets.

Fax Paper
30M 210mm or 216mm . 12 rolls per box
50M 210mm or 216mm . 12 rolls per box
100M 210mm 6 rolls per box.

Computer Paper

9.5"X11"; 15" X 11" . single sheet, 2000 sheets per box
2 ply  NCR 9.5"X11"; 15" X 11" 1000 set per box
3 ply  NCR 9.5"X11", 500 set per box
1 ply 15" X 11" line form , 2000 sheets per box.
Other size available. Please ask.
Ink Jet Paper

Ink jet paper, glossy paper, A4 size (50 or 100 sheets per pad)
Conqueror A4 100GSM High quality paper?(100 sheets per pad)
A4 100GSM real parchment paper (100 sheets per pad)
Brown Envelope
Availabel Sizes
**A5  6"X9"
**A4 9"X12"
**F4 10"X14"
**B4 12"X16"
**A3 14" X 18"
**16" X20"
Each pad 50 pcs.
Air Padded and wide base envelope also available.
Normal white envelope available in many sizes. One box of 500s.

Other Paper Product
Green packing paper 50 sheet per roll
Calculator paper roll (10 rolls)
Cash Register paper rolls
Telex Roll ( 6 rolls)
Thermo Cash Register paper roll

Leather Pattern Paper
A4 100gsm leather pattern paper (100 sheets per pad)
A4 80gsm leather patter paper (100 sheets per pad)
21" x 23" 100gsm leather drawing paper (20 sheets per pad)

Leather Pattern Card
Available in many thickness, mainly 200 to 240 lb. suitable for name card, certificate, greeting card, and binding.

White & Colour Drawing Paper
Kent paper for school drawing and board design. available in many colours.

Tracing Paper
Tracing paper available in A4, A3, A2 and roll form. 70/75g, 80/85g.

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