Welcome to Adlink Promotion site, we will help you let your customers reach you by common search engines. You have a good designed website, but nobody visit you. It's is because you don't know how to promote your site to the internet.  You need to tell your customers your exact site address everytime, write it in your name cards, compliment slip, letterhead. But they are those who already know you, that not help much to expand your business.

Usually, people want to find the things they need, they will go to common search engines like yahoo, google, msn, alta vista etc. and type a few words related to the things they want to find , then enter, and million of results will come up in a few seconds. Are you listed in the top five pages of the results, If not, then it's most likely that you missed a prospect.  Imagine what happen when customers type the word and you appear in the first page or within five, you get most chance to be contacted  by this customer, and the left is how you sell it with your website.  On the other hand, if you listed in 1000 position of the results, you won't get any inquiry from internet even your website has thousand of pages with movies, music and most attractive elements.

Jumptex established so many  business and industries cataglories  which target to be listed top 5 pages at yahoo and google search engines. When you add your link in your industry page, you  will be easily reached by customers who search the related keywords with yahoo and google search engine. They are real insterested buyers, otherwise they will not type those words to search. They need your help, and you need them too.

We have started promoting  websites for customers since 2003 and many of our promoted pages are listed in top 5 pages of common search engines like yahoo and google, msn etc.  As a result , links inside this pages get many telephone and email inquires from customers don't know them before, and of course , their business boost.

Your websites will go worldwide to anywhere in the world that you can't imagine. A website is not written only for internal staffs or existing customers to view.  It's should not be written as 'I want to have one too.' manner, It should help you to reach more customers and let them reach you, know you ,ask you for detail information, and finally establish business relationship. This should be your main objective to build your  website.

If you have a website for many years and still can't  get any inquiry from it, it may be that you don't know how to promote your site or you have choosed a wrong method to promote and wasted your resources. Join our index page with a low advertising cost  and see how we can put your website for quicker and larger explosure. You may have spend a  lot of buck to establish a website, why don't you spend a little bit more for the best result from us ?

Remember, it is one of the important step after a website is built. Your company or group will become busy to answer inquires when you choosed us.  It's a quick and direct way to let new customer find you, and it still economic. I can assure you get return much more than what you invested.

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Easily find things from yahoo and google and MSN 

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Click limit : unlimited.

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