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 Commercial Links:
Accounting & Auditing --- Listing of many Accounting firm and taxation services. 會計理稅公司.
Advertising --- Advertising company, agent, website advertising, printing advertising, planning. 廣告策劃公司
Air Conditioning 冷氣機維修及銷售
BID BID 拍賣貨品 --- Listing of those internet bid members to list their value bid here.網上拍賣貨品連結.
Boxing Supplies and Kung Fu Supplies   boxing supplies, boxing dress.拳擊用品, 拳套, 刀, 劍, 武術用品,
Building Material 建築材料--- listing of enterprises selling building material.
Car Trading and Repairing -- related to car trading, selling, maintainence, repairing, 汽車, 交易, 買賣, 維修, 租賃,
Computer Repair and Maintanence. 電腦維修保養及升級.
Computer Supplies電腦用品--- computer hardare and software, accessories 電腦軟硬件及配件分銷及生產
Crystal & Jewellery 水晶及寶石業.
Diamond and Gold Trading 鑽石金業.
Education ---educational association, school, colleges and extension programme.學校,  教育, 學習, 校外進修, 補習
Electrical Engineering --- electrical engineering, fire service engineering, air condition engineering, 電力工程公司.
Electronic Products 電子產品--- listing of company marketing high tech electronic products.
Fax & Laser Toner Suppliers --- toner cartridge, fax film, fax toner, laser toner, 炭粉, 菲林, 炭粉製造廠.
Garment Accesssories 製衣配料公司buttons ,buckles, hang tag, interlings ,thread, zipper, puller, 製衣配料, 合金方扣
Gifts & Premium  精品及禮品
Health & Fitness ---health, fitness, lose weight, shape, health & fitness, 纖體, 瘦身, 減肥, 豐胸,
Fashion Wholesale --- fashion wholesale, handbag, shoe, distributor, 時裝, 手袋, 皮鞋, 牛仔褲 批發,
Financial Planning --- Financial planner, insurance consultant, broker. 理財顧問公司
Insurance Consultant --- lists of insurance company, broker, agents and related busines. 保險公司及經紀.
Interior Design ---interior design, design firm, floorplan, interior designer, 店舖設計, 裝修工程, 室內設計.
Jeunesse  Reserve, 婕斯美商, 抗衰老產品.
Label Printer & Printing--- 標籤印刷公司.label printer, label, barcode, screen, printing,  條碼, 商標,
Medical Equipment --- Medical equipment, electric wheelchair, healthcare products  醫療設備, 輪椅, 手杖, 電輪椅
Mobile Phone 手提電話--- list of mobile phone companies selling mobile phone and accessories.
Money Making 賺錢及傳銷--- Money making programme, parttime income opportunity.
New Property 一手樓盤: listing of current hot new property development on market.
Property Agent --- property agent, realty, 地產公司, 物業代理.
Property Management -- property management company, 物業管理公司.
Paper Supplier --- paper , art paper, copy paer, printing paper supplier. 紙品批發及製造公司.
Printing House --bulk photo copying services and printing services大量黑白及彩色影印服務
Remover Company --- Listing of remover, removal company 搬運,搬屋公司,
Sanua 桑拿 --- listing of sauna bath and related business 芬蘭浴.
Snow Sleds Manufacturer --- Listing of snow sled manufacturer 雪板製造公司
Stationery Supplies ---stationery supplier & manufacturers, 文具及文儀公司, 文具製造商.
Surfboard Manufacturer --- listing of surfboard, sand board, ski board manufacturers 滑浪板製造公司
Transportation ---transportation company, logistic company, shipping agency, remover, courier, express delivery.
Travel Agency --- listing of travel agencies and travel services 旅遊公司, 旅遊代理.
Website Design & Hosting網頁設計及寄存--- listing of so many web hosting company and website design.
Wedding Arrangement 婚禮安排 --- listing of wedding supplies, photo, card, dinner services provider.

 Daily Useful Links :
123 Greetings -- Great greeting card centre, don't miss it.
Facial Care --- Skin care, facial care, 美容護膚,按摩股務,
Dentist & Dental Care -- dentist, dental care, general dentistry, endodontics, 牙醫, 牙科保健,  洗牙, 剝牙,  種牙,
Elderly Care and Nursing --- elderly care home and nursing organisation.護老院又老人護理.
Entertainment --  sites with entertainment and functioning.娛樂網頁推介.
Feng Shui & Fortune Telling 風水命理
Food and Restaurant --酒樓餐廳及各國美食,食肆, 酒店,壽司, 海鮮, 中菜, 日本菜, 自助餐, food, bar, drink,restaurant,                                  buffet, dinner and more.
Flower Shop and Flower Arrangements ---flower arrangement, flower shop, florist, 花店, 插花,花束,花籃,果籃,
Helping Others Site -- helping other people or want other to help you, click inside and leave messages
Job Finding 招聘公司--- Listing many employment agency and vacancies
Money Making : About business opportunity, quick money, and internet money. 網上工作, 兼職賺錢.
Removal Company 搬屋公司
Water PurifyingSystem ---office and household water purifying system
Solicitor & barrister --- Listing of sponser solicitor and barrister.

Special Price  many special price items list here.
Yahoo Bidding 雅虎拍賣網.

 Industrial Links:
Fashion & Garment Wholesale --- fashion, wholesale, garment, bags, jeans, dress, t-shirt,
Leat her Supplier -- leat her , pvc and pu supplier,  皮革, 牛皮, 羊皮, 皮毛, 皮料,彷皮及主料供應商

Search Engines and tools:
Yahoo雅虎--Most Famous and easy search engine website.
Google,--Famous worldwide search engine

 Other Exchange Links
Portal Hong Kong Business Listing site. 常用網址
Free Ad Borad -- Free Advertising for your products or websites --  Economic Web hosting and message board
88db --- Daily web for all kind of household services

 Entertainment & Community

 Useful Links :
3X Fundzhen Online
Glory Sky Group 灝天集團
CFD Trading
Baidu 百度一下
Taobao 淘寶網
Android Market

Property Net :
28 house
Hongkong Bank Valuation Tool
Property Agent

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旺角Carmen --- links recommendation
Network Netfinity--Domain name and web hosting.
Vanessa's Shop

Copy paper影印紙
Copying Service影印服務
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Thermal paper熱感紙
Fax paper傳真機紙
Toner 炭粉
HP Toner,
Canon Ink
Epson Ink

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Laminating machine,過膠機
Binding machine釘裝機
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New Web Messenger
stonecutter blog
手袋廠, 皮具廠, 皮製手袋, PP袋, 尼龍袋, 背囊, 書包, 銀包, 化妝袋,
Stationery Supplies
Stationery Supplies, Stationery Supplies, Stationery Supplies, Stationery Supplies, Stationery Supplies, Stationery Supplies,
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